Tuesday, January 27, 2009

April 11, 2007 Minutes

Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee

Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 11.2007

Moose Lodge

Present: Chair Chris Blatt; Marc Kratzschmar; Steve Stratman; Dave Caldwell; Richard Baldwin; Carole Caffey; Carlos LeGerrette; ; Nora Vargas; John McWilliams;  Scott Glazebrook, Angela Vasconcellos, Laurie Burgett, Maureen Burke, Richard Barerra and Dana Shutt-Mendibles


Chair Blatt called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 pm.


Treasurers Report: no report.


Community Police Report:  Chris Lahey of the neighborhood resource team reported to committee. Discussed that graffiti is a major concern in area currently. Community members discussed a new residential facility that has opened on E street that appears to have a large number of members who are currently on parole. Officer was not aware of this facility and indicated he would mention to his unit. Discussion of increase in petty theft in the area as a result. Officer indicated he would put in a notice in his morning line up.


District 3-Steve Hill: Reported that budgets for the upcoming year. The mayor presents his on coming Friday and sends to council on Monday. Mayor has indicated that service levels should not be impacted. Reported that attachments will be put on city web-site to follow dockets on items being voted on. Reported that 30th street underground trenching has started from Maple to A streets. Expected to be completed in August 2007. Reported council  member will have a booth at Earth Fair and community is encouraged to stop and visit.


District 8-Diana Juardo-Sainz: Diana was ill and send another member of council office to attend in her absence. Committee was advised that the parking study was still in process with traffic engineers. Community is encouraged to let their office know of any areas of particular concern that should be included in report.


76th Assembly District-Eddie Meyer: No report.


53rd Congressional District-Ricardo Flores: No report.


Mayor:-Tanya Duggan: No report.

Discussion with committee that there are still concerns about low representation from Mayors office to meetings. Committee felt that office should at least provide a written report on new developments on dates that they are unable to send a representative.


Ron Roberts Office:-no one present.


City Planners Report-Myles Pomeroy: COW originally set for April 24 would be postponed to May. The department is going to Council with the proposed  changes with the Brown Act Provisions. Tentative new date is May 19 and will send an email to Chair when new date set.

Discussion of facility at 2456 E Street. It is operated by Windstone Properties and leased to HealthCare Services. It is a residential care facility that has taken over the conditional use permit from Charlow Manor. They have a license for a drug and alcohol care facility. Under that CPU they have a contract with the state department of corrections to house parolees. Some of the residents are voluntary but not all. He does not have the ratio but is in the process of finding out. The CUP allows 36 beds. The facility offers services to addicts but is not a halfway house. The previous facility housed mentally ill patients. The parolees are referred by the court system or their parole officers. No notice is needed to be provided to the planning committee since this was a transfer with the land from one owner to another CUP on site.

Committee requested a copy of the CUP. The previous CUPS do not expire as they contain sunsets. Council would have to amend the residential care facility amendment.  Committee asked if there is a limit to the number of facilities in an area. 300 feet is required by the state. If facility has more then 7 beds it is increased to one quarter of a mile. This is not enforced because a CUP was previously in force.  Committee requested a report that shows the number of facilities per area to determine if we are in excess. Discussion that the CCDC is trying to amend the CUPS in downtown to make it easier for residential facilities.


Approval of Minutes-March 2007:-A motion was made to approve the minutes and was approved with no opposed.


Public Comment (non-agenda items):-

Sheila Hardin (CCDC): Discussed new a workshop held last week on the topic of affordable housing downtown. There are many programs in process to increase ownership vs. rental. There is a project on Broadway and 11th to target those with income diversity. They are addressing questions about family housing issues. NOFA is a program to help with funding. They are also recommending public subsidies and 1st time home buyers programs. The proposed condo site at 9th and Broadway has lost their developer and are currently looking for new one.

Hal Tyvoll: Presented a memo about the proposed GGH maintenance assessment district (MAD) and a copy of publication 880-S which covers prop 218 from the November 1996 ballot. Hal indicated that there should be 2 publicly noticed meetings on the topic. He felt the current meeting did not count toward this total as the location was moved at the last minute due to the construction going on at our normal location.

He felt all community members should be sent notices.

Steve Stratman: Passed out a petition started by Paul Broadway for the community to sign in regards to keeping the park system and maintenance of that park within the city control.


Presentation By GGHCDC: Presentation and Handouts with frequently asked questions about the proposed MAD (maintenance assessment district). Clarified this is an informational only presentation to inform community only on the concept. Mike Ruiz and Mitch Burner had a power point presentation on the topic and what benefits it could provide as well as costs involved and how they are determined. Question sheets were passed out so community members could turn in questions and concerns to be addressed after presentation. GGHCDC have mailed out surveys to community with a preprinted date to return that has passed. They explained that they did not get them out on time and were only using that date as a goal and not an actual cut off date for response. They intend to collect for several more weeks. Mitch Burner is a professional from a company called Public Solutions that the GGHCDC has hired to make sure that all is handled professionally and if implemented, would be handled the same as other communities that have a MAD currently in place.  Feels that this is needed because of cuts in city funding that do not allow many services to be performed in our community. They defined a MAD as a legal mechanism that was put in place in 1972  as a result of Prop B and was changed in 1978 to require a vote of the people to put in place. Any property fees require a vote of the public. Prop 218 requires a majority approval of all taxes and  charges on property.  They intend to do a inventory with city as to the services they provide and will keep consistent.  Intend to address the special services that are a specific need to this community. If the 30% of required positive response from community received then the public meetings are set and they must appear before the City Council. To date, they had received 635 responses returned. Discussion about the fact that date for return has expired and how this affected collections since some community members may be discouraged. Also discussion as to what the 30% covered- ratio of support vs. opposition. Reported that after the initial 60 days they are provided a 30 day extension. Discussion that if put in place then any increase in fees or expansion would have to go to a vote. They will not repair sewers or street lighting-only things that the city is not obligated to do.



Action Items:

Open Space-no report

Discussion of SB373. The issue is difference between dedicated and designated. If land is designated as dedicated then the only way that land can be turned over to development is if the City Council votes to over turn it. Mayor is currently in process of providing a list to Christine Kehoe with proposed land. Mac intends to make sure that all of the property in Golden Hill is included.  Steve Hill is following this issue as well at Atkins office. The issue will be heard on April 18 at the Natural Resources Committee. The actual language of the bill does not include the specific parcels but just refers to the list.


Elections: All spots are now full.  Officers and Subcommittees.

New Officers and Committee Members elected and formed.

Membership and Elections-Nora Vargas. Richard Barerra will also serve on this committee.

Parks-Laurie Burgett to be representative to Balboa Parks Committee.

Code Compliance: Chris Blatt will continue to chair this committee.

Dana Shutt-Mendibles and Carole Caffey will sit on this group.

Transportation: Marc Kratzschmar currently represents the committee at these downtown meetings.  Angela Vasconcellos and Dave Caldwell will also attend these meetings.

Airport Noise: Dave Caldwell will continue to represent the committee to this group. Carole Caffey will be the alternate.

Land Use: Dave Caldwell will continue to serve as chair and Scott Glazebrook as co-chair. Angela Vasconcellos, John McWilliams, Carlos LeGerrette, Nora Vargas, Richard Baldwin, and Steve Stratman will serve on this committee.

Parks and Rec: Maureen Burke has previously been representative to this group.

Historical: John McWilliams will continue to serve as chair for this committee.  Richard Baldwin and Angela Vasconcellos will also serve on this committee.

(Pat is still on committee but will no longer be chair)


OFFICERS: Chair-Chris Blatt

Vice Chair-This position is open

Secretary-Dana Shutt-Mendibles

Treasurer-Carole Caffey


Balboa Park: Laurie continues to attend the committee meetings and report any updates that are applicable to our area.


There were no land use action motions this meeting.


The meeting was adjourned by Chair Blatt at approximately 9:30 PM


Respectfully submitted.


Dana Shutt-Mendibles,  recording secretary.