Thursday, April 19, 2007

April Land Use Agenda

Here is April 25 agenda:
  1. 838 25th Street-101706- Renovate/rehab with HRB recommendations, Architect will present. info only
  2. 2598.5 C Street-117774- T-Mobile wireless facility in PROW. Brought fwd from March per questions/suggestions. info or action
  3. 2727 Broadway-voted to support last month-must revote per Brown Act for May GGHPC consent agenda. action.
  4. Broadway/30th-54073- 16 units, revote same as #3.
  5. 2330-36 F Street-127346(88883)-renovation, review of project per Jama Vega- proj. mgr. action item
Golf course clubhouse 630 pm unless otherwise notified (roofing?)