Wednesday, July 09, 2008

November 14, 2007 Minutes

Minutes from November meeting


 6:30 call to order nb No quorum at start, people on the comitte kept arriving after the call to order

 Name cards from Dave

Membership will take care of roster

Dave with email it out.

 -Treasurer’s report:  No change $67

 -No police report

 -District 3 April will report every other month

 -District 8 Report from Diana

1. Planning groups will be asked for concerns about general plan. Goes before council Dec 5th, full council January. We can comment before then

2. Mini dorms. Ben Hueso has proposed solutions to the problem

a) Rooming ordinance -6 or more leases within a single household requires permits

b) Rooming house ordinance- Any single family residence w. three separate leases wil require a permit. May apply to residential care facilities. Open meeting Mission Valley community church at 5pm ??? date

3. Street sweeping signs. Can contact the council to find when the sweeping days are. Can get signs to put out to prevent parking on the sweeping days.

4. Russ street alley vacation. Needs full council approval. Council member is aware of the negative aspects and community concerns. Staff has denied the vacation. A vote needed. Doesn’t seem like it will proceed.

5. Status of fine for the noise in dorms. Will be implemented on Dec 1. House must be designated beforehand, police two or more times in thrity days, or petition. Citation of $1000 for each tenant and landlord. Will be in place by June

 -No mayor’s report

-no 76th report

-53rd congressional district report

Davis visited Qualcomm and distributed masks. 2 bills passed. Military families security act, means families remain eligible for SSI despite increased pay. Second, newly discharged vets get act for homeloans

 -City planner’s report from Myles

1. Oct 30th COW moved to Nov 29th due to fires. New planning group members need to go to ensure indemnification. 6-8pm 9192 Topaz way. RSVP with planners Laura Gates 236 6006

2. Community plan update will begin at the start of next year. Golden hill with be lumped together with some of the surrounding districts

 -Vote to approve last month’s minutes failed. Only three people able to vote. Will be placed on January’s agenda

 -Public comment : Sheila Harden CCDC

 1. Parking workshop. Parking committee of the CCDC. Details on the website Can signup to receive CCDC spam. Site has 4million hits peryear. Date will be posted on this website for the next parking workshop.

2. Free bus tours 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. RSVP on 6192352222. Starts at the NBC building on Broadway. Info center however is about to move to Horton Plaza

 -Chair’s report on the CPC

 All about the general plan.

 -Update on the MAD

CDC staff says they don’t have multi unit candidates on the MAD committee. It was proposed that the owners of the multiunit dwellings are all out of town and thus don’t really care. Ballots for the MAD will go out this weekend

Diana- If positions are not filled provisions for elections will be made during the drafting of the MAD bylaws.

Information (if dated) will be on the CDC website

 -No open space report


1. Unanimous vote for the approval of the consent agenda.

2. 830 25th st Discretionary not required as the building completely complies, thus nothing for us to do. We didn’t get to see it even though it is in the PDO catchment

3.1625 Felton, not in PDO but we need to look at it. Process 2. Questions were raised about the nature of the windows.

4. 30th and Beech. Façade revisions and return to code compliance. Info only. Dave received assessment letter. Still has multiple code issues.

5. Northeast corner of Beech and 30th being torn down. Nobody is really sure what is going on. Nobody knows what has been permitted. Possibly there has been a fire. Alcohol permit may have been dodgy. Property owned by the state.

6. Diagonal parking on 29th and A Want to remove parallel parking and replace with diagonal parking. Four options proposed. Committee unanimously voted to leave two meters in place but use them for the diagonal parking. Thus two metered diagonal spots plus whatever other diagonal spots fit in the existing parallel spots.

7. Russ street. No way to vacate sensibly. It is a functioning road and would have to take away from the park to vacate it. Motion to not support the vacation of Russ st unanimously passed. As part of the motion Chris will generate a one sentence letter outlining our lack of support.

 -Members and elections

Scott can adjust website. Need to give Ray the appropriate information. Will set up more current website. Community interest portion of the union tribune to be used to advertise vacancies on the committee. Also advertise on the bulletin board near the yoga studio.


Laurie suggested that the recent reconstruction of a gazebo in Balboa park could be a model for the restoration of the Golden Hill fountain. She will try to find out some information about it about who to approach to try to restore it.

 -Airport Noise Dave will attend meeting tomorrow. An explanation was made about wind direction and takeoff and landing patterns.


 John no longer on the committee. It is possible tat a new historic district could be made, but the main person chasing it up has passed away. Potential to go direct to state rather than via the city

 Meeting adjourned