Wednesday, July 09, 2008

February 13, 2008 Minutes

Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee

Minutes: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Location: Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse

Attendees: Richard Baldwin, Richard Barrera, Chris Blatt, Laurie Burgett, Maureen Burke, David Caldwell, Carol Cafferty, Scott Glazebrook, Carlos Le Gerrette, David Skillman and Angela Vasconcellos

Meeting was called to order by Chris Blatt, Chair, at 6:33 pm.

· Treasurer – No report

· Community Police Officer, John Graham

o 2800 Block of B Street a number of cars had their tires slashed

o March 25, 2008 at 5:30 Community Meeting to be held at 25th and Imperial station (4th Tuesday of the month)

o New lieutenant, Don Summers

· District 3, Jeffery Tom (

o 90 foot pole at Switzer Canyon will be removed by mid next week

o New wire is energized and poles are being removed

· District 8 – no report

· Mayor’s Office – no report

· 76th District Assembly, Kathryn Fortner

o Susan Davis returned from Afghanistan, forum to be held

o Tax rebates pending

· 53rd Congressional District – no report

· City Planning, Miles Pomeroy

o By-laws informally approved, goes to Council next

o Committee still under old by-laws

o General Plan hearing tentatively March 3 for Council adoption

· Approval of minutes

o October 2007, Motion: Carlos LeGerrette, 2nd: Richard Baldwin, Approved

o January 2008, deferred

· Public Comment

o Stephen Whitburn, candidate for District 3 introduces himself (

· Chair Report/CPC, Chris Blatt

· Clean Green and Safe, Chris Blatt

o Had second meeting

· Land Use, Dave Caldwell

o Chas Kelley House – No show

o 30th/ Broadway - going forward

o 27th/F Street City Lights Townhomes – just received packet

o 830 25th Street – Will be on next agenda

o Townspeople Jasmine Fox - City didn’t send plans but does comply

· Action Items

o Motion to approve consent agenda: Motion- Skillman, 2nd Glazebrook, approved

o 1812 Edgemont move on – Not within PDO but will issue a letter of support

· Subcommittees

o Membership and elections

· Mark Kratzschmar and Dana Shutt have resigned

· Elections in March

· New bylaws will be approved before next meeting

· Candidates required to attend 2 meetings

o Parks – No report

o Code Compliance – No report

o Transportation

· Scott Glazebrook to Chair

o Balboa Park

· Conditions report out; hearings will be held on governance

· Report on City Website

o Ariport Noise Advisory

· Carole Cafferty to attend

o Historic

· Angela Vasconcellos to Chair

· Adjorn: Motion – LeGerrette, 2nd Burke, Approved

Submitted by L. Burgett, 3/10/08