Tuesday, November 18, 2008

October 8, 2008 Minutes


OCTOBER 8, 2008

 Meeting held at Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse – Golf Course Drive

Call to order: David Skillman, acting chair, called to order at 6:45 pm.

Agenda had been posted earlier.  Copies were available.

 Members present:, Richard Baldwin, Laurie Burgett, Carole Caffey, Scott Glazebrook, Anita Margolis, David Skillman, Marie Skillman Absent:, Chris Blatt, Maureen Burke, Dave Caldwell, Frederick Ruffell, Angela Vasconcellos

 Treasurer’s Report: no change in account, balance around $75.00. Carole Caffey is still look into getting a PO Box for the group so that she gets regular statements, and getting signature card changed on account.

 Community Police Officer Dawn Summers:  No special crimes or activity to report.  The International Council of Police will be meeting in San Diego soon.  Light the Night Against Crime will be 10/24/08.

 City Council District 8.  Diana Jurado-Sainz: The Golden Hill Banner District will be up for approval at City Council on 10/14.  This district must be approved for banners to be legally permitted and displayed.  The MAD will be placing banners when it is legal to do so.  Homeless persons have been congregating at the bus stop at 25th and Broadway.  Council office has been working with the police and Metro Transit System to alleviate this problem.

 53rd Congressional District.  Kathryn Fortner. Representative Davis voted in favor of the EECA.

 City Council District 3. Jeffrey Tom;  Mayor; 76th Assembly District; City Planning Department. Bernie Turgeon:  no reports

 Approval of Minutes.  Approval of September minutes was postponed until next month, as the agenda incorrectly listed approval of AUGUST minutes.


Resident Lacey Dunne:  Lives near 30th & Juniper and is concerned about the number of bars in the area, and says that others in the neighborhood agree with her.  Scott Glazebrook had done some research and found that our PDO does not restrict the number of liquor licenses in a certain area, nor do City ordinances, Health Department or Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  Resident Mike Huarte said that he lives in that area and is in favor of commercial development there, to make this a more integrated residential and business community. After some discussion, Scott Glazebrook summarized:  this matter is not one that our committee has any jurisdiction over.  We should be asked to review remodeling plans and signage permits.  Laurie Burgett noted that this concern should be addressed when the PDO is revised.  


Chairs Report/Mail. No report.

 Clean, Green and Safe (MAD) Oversight Board.   David Skillman reported the monthly meeting, will be held 10/20.  A new program manager, Alex, has been hired; phone numbers remain the same.


Membership.  Members (4) are now needed. According to the updated bylaws, candidates for election in February must have attended two meetings prior to the February meeting. 

 Parks.  No report.

 Code Compliance.  No report.

 Transportation.  Nothing to report. 

 Balboa Park Committee. Laurie Burgett reported that they are working on a governance document, as a result of workshops held in the past few months.

 Airport Noise Advisory.  Nothing to report.

 Historic.  No report.

 David Skillman:  reminded members of COW scheduled for 10/29/08

 Anita Margolis: Provided information about the proposed settlement between the City of San Diego and other parties involved in the condo conversion lawsuit, which relates to the applicability of CEQA to condo conversions.  The settlement agreement would allow final parcel maps to be issued without all of the interior and exterior site improvements being completed.  Only performance of certain conditions of approval would be required at the time the final parcel map is issued, but the remaining improvements and conditions could be deferred and completed before the units are sold.  The City planning department has approved the settlement, but it must be brought before the local planning groups before it can be presented to the City Council for final approval."

 Meeting adjourned at 7: 20 pm.

 Marie Skillman, Secretary.