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October 13, 2010 Minutes

Meeting agenda is found at end of minutes as Attachment 1

Meeting minutes for 10/13/10

Meeting called to order at 6.35pm

Present were Angela Vasconcellas Jessica Richter John Kroll David Strickland Carole Caffey Pat Shields Maureen Burke Scott Glazebrook Ruchell Alvarez Richard Baldwin Richard Santini

A vote on the minutes from last month was deferred as the secretary was not present.

Report from Treasurer, finances unchanged from last month

Report from community police officers Mark Jones and Lt Murphy

-In general things are good

-Crimes are down in city division

-A team has been pout together for attacking problems in Golden Hill. This has had a signifigant impact on crime in the area

-Memorial park has an individual grabbing young girls before and after school. There is a team assigned to this . Possibly more than one individual is involved

Question from Carole: ‘Is the person molesting on foot or taking them ?’

Answer Sexual battery, grabbing body parts etc only, also some indecent exposure

Question from Carole: “There is an increased incidence of homeless related stuff. What is the homeless taskforce number ?”

Answer: 744 9501 for direct line to homeless taskforce, working on it, budget limited. Evan Ziegler is the Sargeant while the HOT provides services for the homeless people not involved in criminal activity. A large proportion of the homeless do not want services or shelter.

Question When is the next advisory meeting ?

Answer Jan 4th

Question: There was a murder down at the community college, what is the status ?

Answer: We can only say what is in the media already. A female victim in the bathroom was stabbed to death. We believe we know who the person is.

Question: Budget crisis, how will this affect the police ?

Answer: if there is no more funding teams will be eliminated. Teams that don’t do radio calls will be eliminated first. Already 80+ civilian positions have been lost, there are an additional 108 possible as well as 133 sworn positions to be lost.

Question from Pat: Where is Memorial park ?

Answer: 30th and Ocean view

Question: Underpasses and homeless people, is this patrolled, in particular the underpass to city college ?

Answer: It is patrolled but can only move them on if blocking the sidewalk between 5am and 9pm. Alcu is looking at illegal lodging. These people have been moved on from these spots previously but there is a lawsuit on the possessions of homeless people. Call police if they are blocking or if you think something unsafe is happening. Also you can call environmental services if there is that sort of problem.

Question from Kathy: Will there be cuts to the K9 unit?

Answer: Every captain will have to initiate cuts and document impact

Report from Anthony Bernal, council district 3

-Todd Gloria attended Einstein academy to celebrate their top in the metro district and 8th in the overall district index.

-Balboa park conservancy now has board modeled on other parks

-8/0 vote for permanent homeless shelter at 6th and A in the WTC building. 220 beds for homeless, onsite metal health and vetrans supprt.

-October the 28th on Thursday 6-7pm there will be a town hall meeting discussing cuts and impacts. War memorial building Blaboa park. Cuts include 25% across the board, 6% cuts to the police, 7.2 million cut to fire, blackouts rather than brown outs. 65 firemen laid off. 22% of the resource not available at any one time.

Questions: Homeless shelter has 220 beds, how many are needed

Answer: more that 1000 people living downtown without shelter. Of the 220 50 will be permanent supported units, the balance transitional. All services will be present in the one location.

Public Comment

Steven Whitburn

SC board of supervisor candidate Explained what the board of supervisors do.

-County has a role in jobs, should have applied for the stimulus package

-County should use grant, some of the money has been misued, 27 million to each supervisor

Membership issue raised by Angela

-If you miss three meetings in a row or four total in a year you are automatically off the board. Ruchell has missed three in a row, but wanted to return. She was poroposed by Scott, seconded by Carole and returned unanimously

-Mayor’s rep was not present

John Kroll read a satirical letter form the mayor during his three minute public comment

Susan Davis, congresswoman

She began by thanking us for our service

-Addressed the post office issue

-She stated that the issues of unemployment and underemployment needed to be addressed

-Takes time to resolve economic issues, good signs in the economy but it is slow

-Unemployment benefits for an additional 20 weeks have been approved

-12% unemployment with 53 weeks of benefits Programs are available and she should be contacted

-A senior community employment program has been initiated, for people 55 or older with financial hardships

-Wanted no more postoffices closed and has contacted the postmaster

-Small businees jobs lending law passed, helpoing community banks to lend to small businesses, as well as tax relief for such businesses

-No bancks will be too big to fail, wind them up ina controlled manner instead without taxpayer bailouts

-Recklessness of others brought abou the economic crisis, we should not be responsible

-Credit card holder’s rights bill will allow no retroactive increase in rates

-Health care reform starts to kick in soon

-Also election reform through the federal election integrity acts, the head of the elections cannot be partisan

-Cell phone alert program for disasters is in place

-PACE program to allow for the funding of solar panels to be folded into property tax and mortage, still has some small problems

-Susan reiterated her objections to privatizing social security

Question From Pat: When in town do you have office hours ?

Answer You should call the office, times are also available on Saturdays. Larger town hall meetings are on the website

Question from Teshia : Do you have something to say about Afghanistan?

Answer: It is complicated. We have been there too long. We are trying to fix it. President wants to see troops leaving. Personally I would like to see the people out but don’t know the alternative. Belives that some degree of nation building is required

Question from Tershia: Concerned that the post office will close. What can we do to keep it open ?

Answer: Will continue to work on it. Too important to let it close

Question from Richard B. :What are the costs of the two wars relative to the economic stimulus package ?

Answer: 700 billion war in Iraq, 350 billion war in Afghanistan, 700 for economic stimulus package

It has been estimated that the unemployment would have reached 25% without the stimulus package

Question from John Kroll: It is dangerous to have secret anti-terrorist things that remove fundamental rights. What are you doing bout it?

Answer: Money poured into election races without disclosure of where it comes from is more scary. There is no longer a limit as to how much you can donate, no way to track where the money comes from.

Public comment from Kathy Vanderhugel, Chair of GGHCDC

25th street revival from Caltrans park to 94 fwy. Conceptual design, improvements for a 2 block area. There is now a consultant from the city. Workshop on Saturday with opportunity for input on improvements. Thursday at 2.30 meet at 25th and B to walk to project length. Community advisory group meeting at GH rec center at 6pm, for stakeholders interviews.

Question: Is it limited to street scape

Answer: Yes

Questions : Is there a plan for south of 94?

A Yes, when we do it in our community it can be an example to others. We can’t use the money for other areas.

Question from Maureen: Where should we direct our comments if we can’t attend the meeting?

Answer: Call Bernie for inoput you want to add

Joyce Summers public comment:

Survey of the homelss has been completed. 240 volunteers surveyed homless in the middle of the night, over 1000 were found. They were rated on vunerability.

CCDC will purchase public restrooms and Little Italy will maintain them. Two additional will be placed in East Village once someone can be found to maintain them.

-There is still no plan for the winter shelter. Failed at F&G 13th and 14th block

Matt ? report on the charette-

-Charette had a great turnout, everyone worked hard with great enthusiasm

-Day 2 Wed Oct 29th for mobility and parks and rec.

-Maps have been brought to meeting to explain what has been done. Bernie explained the maps. They were described simply as a distillation of community input as to state of land use

Maureen commented that the agenda should be published for the charette early enough for people to prepare.

Meeting was adjourned at 8.30pm

Richard Baldwin, secretary pro tem

Attachment 1. Agenda


Ocotber 13, 2010 at 6:30 P.M.

Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse at 2600 Golf Course Drive

Monthly Meeting

6:30 CALL TO ORDER – please be punctual

a) Additions/Deletions to Agenda

b) Approval of Minutes

c) Treasurers Report & Pass-the-Hat – Carole Caffey


a) Community Police Officer – Suzy de la Pena [744.9514 or

b) Council District 3 – Anthony Bernal [236-6633 or

c) Council District 8 – Diana JuradoSainz [236-6688 or

d) Mayor’s Office – Denice Garcia [236-7056 or

e) 53rd Congressional Dist. – Katherine Fortner [280-5353

f) City Planner – Bernard Turgeon [533-6575 or

7:15 PUBLIC COMMENT – non-agenda items, 3-minute limit

7:25 CONSENT AGENDA – Consent Agenda allows the Committee to consent to the actions of Subcommittees in a single vote without presentation or debate.

Action Item #1:

Project Name: Clearwire “So Childish” Wireless Facility

Project Address: 1947 30th Street

Project Number: 212116

Project Description: New Wireless Facility

Permit Application: Process 2 - Neighborhood Use Permit

Action Item #2:

Project Name: Counterpoint Sidewalk Café

Project Address: 830 25th Street

Project Number: 219344

Project Description: Sidewalk Café

Permit Application: Process 2 - Neighborhood Use Permit


a) Chair’s Report

b) Note: Susan Davis will be attending this meeting

c) 25th Street Renaissance Project - Brian Hannigan

d) Plaza de Panama - Mark Johnson

e) State 94 proposed HOV/BRT lanes- Caltrans


a) Fill Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee vacancies


a) Airport Noise – Carole Caffey

b) Balboa Park Committee – Scott Glazebrook

c) Community Planners Committee (CPC) – Pat Shields

d) Community Plan Update Advisory Committee (CPUAC) – Bernard Turgeon

e) Code Compliance – Ruchell Alvarez

f) Clean, Green & Safe (MAD) Advisory Board – Carole Caffey

g) Historic – Angela Vasconcellos

h) Membership and Elections – Angela Vasconcellos

i) Parks – Maureen Burke

j) Transportation – Scott Glazebrook


*Times are estimates – Action Items may also be taken before Information Items

The City of San Diego distributes agendas via email and can also provide agendas in alternative formats as well as a sign language or oral interpreter for the meeting with advance notice. To request these services, please contact the City at 619-236-6479 or


Regular Meeting Schedules

Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee

Monthly*: Second Wednesday of the Month at 6:30PM

Location: Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse at 2600 Golf Course Drive

Code Compliance Subcommittee

Monthly*: Second-to-Last Wednesday of the Month at 6:00PM

Location: Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse at 2600 Golf Course Drive

Land-Use Subcommittee

Monthly*: Last Wednesday of the Month at 6:30PM

Location: Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse at 2600 Golf Course Drive

Transportation Subcommittee

Monthly*: Last Wednesday of the Month at 6:00PM

Location: Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse at 2600 Golf Course Drive

* Traditionally there are no meetings in the month of December

Proposed Agenda Topics for Next Meetings

Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee

Items: None

Code Compliance Subcommittee

Items: None

Land-Use Subcommittee


Transportation Subcommittee

Items: None