Sunday, September 14, 2008

August 13, 2008 Minutes

Golden Hill planning minutes AUGUST 13, 2008

Called to order at 6.30

PRESENT: Richard Baldwin, Carole Caffey, Dave Caldwell, Laurie Burgett, Scott Glazebrook, Anita Margolis, Frederick Ruffell, Angela Vasconcellos ABSENT: Chris Blatt, Maureen Burke, David Skillman, Marie Skillman

Police report:

Biotech conference downtown was good

Comicon was also pretty good

La Raza convention was also good

Tagging should come to an end w. end of school holidays

Violent crime is a little up, but all the homicides have been sorted. Isolated events rather than gang driven

Question from the audience : Critical Mass, what is the status ?

A: Adults don’t have to wear helmets. The police are watching it but are loathe to interfere. Loosely monitored

Question from the Audience: Have you found the bomber from this morning?

A: Officer knows nothing about it

Report from district eight

-6 angles parking spots have been installed on 1200 block of 28th st

-If you want angled parking plese call Yolanda, street needs to be 50’ or more wide

-30thand A, B and 26th st speeding. Traffic is investigating the possibility of four way stops

-Don’t know if there are more trees available for street planting, but working on it

-Dave Suggested evaluation of 30th and L and 30th and Fern st for speeding evaluation

-Dave suggested icon for unsafe crossing on walkability study at Fern and Elm

Report from Susan Davis office

-Congresswoman is here

-Had a water forum

-Grants workshop is coming up

-Home foreclosure workshop is proposed

Question from the audience: What is the answer for the water

A: 20 gallon challenge (use only 20 gallons per day)

-Discussion on desalination v. reuse

Report form the Planner’s office

- Community plan update almost done, out to consultants. RFP request for proposal out for historic survey and facilitatior. Hoping to get it all done by Sept. Oct. January kickoff for update. Meeting scheduled for planning group chairs sept. 8th

- City lights townhouses, hearing officer report available. Will email to Dave

Question from the audience: Is the urban forest in the update ?

A: Process has not been started, not sure. Interested parties will have the opportunity to take part. Should include a historic survey of trees

Public comment

Tertia Delgin: City has received FEMA funding for brush management in the canyons. Canyon people are apprehensive about this

Ashley Gardiner from the Women’s History Museum wanted to bring attention to it, also gave a plug for the upcoming suffrage ball a fundraiser for the WHM

Representative from the CDC MAD program (manager)

-Urban core contract signed

Urban core started this week on cleaning , including powerwashing sidewalks

Mon&Fri commercial areas, Tue Thur residential

Now have a supervisor, graffiti crew, cleaning crew, powerwashing crew.

Question from audience: Which streets will be powerwashed ?

A: Power washing will be done as needed

A tree trimmer will be hired through a RFP process

Q: Can MAD look after the greenway ?

A Landowners should be looking after the greenway. Needs to be looked at, not sure. Concreting suggested, decorative brick suggested. Helping homeowners keep it clean suggested

Q: Is there a certain time to contact MAD ?

A: 8-4 on weekdays

Q: Will they let homeowners know when tree trimming will occur ?

A: Will aim at a qualified tree trimmer, language will be added to give homeowners notification

A member of the audience also suggested that there should always be a person on any given crew who speaks English

-MAD is working on Golden Hill Banners, new trash receptacles and doggie poop bag dispensers

32nd st Canyon sewer project report- Dirk Smith

Systems need to be maintained, for this access is needed. A lot of the required paths are already present, it will really be just formalizing the existing paths, as well as using the SDGE paths. Mitigation will be carried out offsite at both Lake Murray and San Diego river. Mitigation ratio depends on nature of disturbance, as determined by a biologist and reviewed by development services. Revegetation will be carried out with low growing plants and natives to protect from erosion.

Input from Tertia:

-Apprehensive about the project

-Dirk has helped address the issues

Question: will it go to Land use this month ?

A: Yes

Question: Why do you do offsite remediation? Is it due to cost ?

A: We want the site to be successful, this is easier offsite

A: discussion of policy for mitigation was discussed, as well as cities claim on canyons for such. Tertia will follow up on the cities claim on canyons for mitigation

The committee decided that the sewer stuff will come back to the full committee after landuse as an action item.

Tertia will forward letter about mitigation in the canyon to the committee.

Minutes for last month were unanimously accepted

Subcomittee reports

Landuse report

Nothing was reported

Membership and elections:

-Carlos has dropped out due to other commitments

-Need four more people, eleven is the lowest number possible

Comment from Bernie (planner) Will need public outreach for plan review, probably with a subcommittee from the planning group. Would be best to include a lot of different stakeholders


Maureen not present


3rd public workshop for downtown planning. The downtown parking is at 70-100% utilization, 85% off street. By 2015 there will be a small morning deficit, some in evening. Encourage off street parking at night. Universal valet has been proposed. Someone will park your car for you after you arrive downtown.

Balboa park :

Nothing to report


The south park historic group has been contacted. They would like to do a presentation

Meeting was adjourned

Richard Baldwin, acting secretary.