Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CPUAC Discussion Topics for 11/2/11 meeting

Per discussion at the 10/5/11 CPUAC meeting and the 10/12/11 GGHPC meeting, City Planner Bernie Turgeon provided this initial list of topics related to the Land Use Element of the Community Plan Update for CPUAC members and community members to review individually and provide comment at the next CPUAC meeting. The document is focused on just the land use issues raised during the CPU process that could be addressed through potential land use changes.

The next CPUAC meeting will be held 11/2/11 at 6:30 pm at the offices of the Greater Golden Hill CDC, 1504 30th Street.

Contents of Document:

Greater Golden Hill Community Plan Update

Land Use Element Topics for advisory committee discussion

Issue Area I - Potential Land Use Changes

(A) Lack of Walkable Commercial Services

Broadway High Density corridor, survey sites for land use changes

Rezone vacant lot at 28th St and E from Multi-Family to Commercial (or mixed-use) (c12)

More retail within walking distance of Broadway East of 28th St. (c13)

28th Street between A & B should be Community Commercial (broader range of commercial uses) rather than Neighborhood Commercial (c11)

Commercial center needed in Area B (charrette map, generally Broadway & 30th) (c298)

(B)Allow mixed-use to activate streets/improve connectivity

Land use changes could be large or small scale (underutilized sites) or addressed by policies developed to promote mixed-use and/or provide zoning incentives. Connectivity can also be addressed as an urban design issue without changing land use.

Consider Mixed-Use Neighborhood Commercial uses on Broadway West of 25th St. (a110)

Consider Mixed-Use Neighborhood Commercial uses on B Street between 25th 28th (c162). There are also similar ideas to strengthen connectivity between South Park and Golden Hill along A or B Streets.

Consider Mixed-Use Neighborhood Commercial

(c) Neighborhood Districts

A decision needs to be made whether to strengthen neighborhood identity with the new community plan. Various neighborhood concepts were discussed at the charrette, including identifying boundaries for South Park.

Identify South Park Neighborhood boundary in Plan (c139)

Neighborhoods should be a 5-10 minute walk, have a center, contain a variety of civic and private spaces (c33).

Neighborhood planning examples include 25th St, Juniper/Fern, Beech 30th, 28th C (c34)

Acknowledge/respect residential character/zone north of A St between 32nd and 34th Streets (c40).

The General Plan village concept is similar to a neighborhood district and location policies are on General Plan pages LU-6-11. The main issue is locating an area for public space (this can also be an opportunity). This could involve granting zoning incentives on private property in exchange for a park or plaza and/or reconfiguring right-of-way. Using the GP Village Propensity Map (Figure LU-1), staff has identified the potential for Neighborhood Villages at the 25th St and 30th/Fern/Juniper Commercial nodes and another at the higher density Broadway corridor (east of 28th St.)

(D) Review of Existing Land Use

Staff has identified several areas where the boundaries of commercially designated and zoned areas overlap with what appear to be single-family residences. The assumption is that the existing plan’s vision is for these areas to redevelop either as commercial or mixed-use. During a plan update, this vision can be reevaluated and/or changed or ‘fine-tuned’.

The issue to consider is whether the current commercial zoning is such an incentive that the loss of desirable historic or community character would likely result. Options to address this issue are adoption of design guidelines to preserve single-family character (while allowing commercial use) or to rezone the properties to single-family (with notice to property owners). Historic resources staff is also considering application of the Secretary of Interior Standards as sufficient to preserve historic resources within the proposed districts as well as for individually significant properties.

The areas initially identified are: the west frontage of 30th Street between Grape and Fir, and various lots along the periphery of the Beech/30th commercial area (west and south).

The land use designations are shown in the existing community plan:

The zoning designations are online:

Numbering: (a) Advisory Committee (c) charette