Sunday, July 22, 2007

GGH Planning Committee Minutes June 2007

Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee Board Meeting Wednesday, June 13,2007
Golden Hill Golf Course Clubhouse
Present: Chair Chris Blatt; Steve Stratman; Dave Caldwell; Richard Baldwin; ; Carlos LeGerrette; ; Nora Vargas; John McWilliams; Scott Glazebrook, Angela Vasconcellos, Laurie Burgett, Maureen Burke, Richard Barerra and Dana Shutt-Mendibles

Chair Blatt called the meeting to order at approximately 6:34 pm.

Treasurers Report: no report.

Community Police Report: John Graham reported a few shootings to neighborhoods south of us-all gang related. Discussed graffiti complaints officer left about a month ago and has not been replaced. Advised community members to take photos and get a police report. Discussed recent arrest of STUE-sentenced to 200 hours of community service to paint out previous graffiti. Reports of homeless persons going through trash. There are currently two officers assigned to respond to homeless issues. Clean ups of vagrant areas are being cleaned up. A community member asked to discuss psychology of graffiti. Officer Graham indicated that there are generally 3 categories: taggers, compulsive behavior and gangs. Advised community to continue to tag photos-the larger the area-the bigger the crime it becomes.

District 3-Steve Hill: The Council passed a new budget this week. Budget cuts have not reduced library hours and the book budget has not been reduced. 4 neighborhood code compliance officers have been re-instated. They have 33 million budgeted on street repair and storm drain maintenance. He will have a more comprehensive break down next month. Advised that the MAD proposal has been unanimously approved to go to ballot. Council member had recuse herself as she lives in Golden Hill.

District 8-Diana Juardo-Sainz: No report.

76th Assembly District-Eddie Meyer: No report.

53rd Congressional District-Ricardo Flores: amendment to Armed Services bill is being addressed. Updates to enforcement of toll roads in San Onofre. Congresswoman working on updates on hate crime enforcement. Her office does not feel strong enough protection. Should be stronger at local levels-not just federal. The Preuss School was names one of the top 10 schools in nation. She is working on a bill with Dept of Education for a 100 million dollar mentoring program.

Mayor:-Tanya Duggan: No report.

Ron Roberts Office:-no one present.

City Planners Report-Myles Pomeroy: COW is scheduled for June 23rd.
Workshop on planning committee operations is set for July 26th. Advised that 600-24 council policy is being revised. The updated shells have been emailed to the chairs of the groups. By laws update due in November to bring our bylaws into updated Council policy. If group deviates from shell-it must be approved and must be submitted by September.

Approval of Minutes-May 2007:-A motion was made to approve the minutes and was approved with no opposed and one abstention.

Public Comment (non-agenda items):- Sheila Hardin (CCDC): Reported that CCDC received an award for their downtown community plan. They produced 14,800 housing units of which 2,650 were affordable. This amount is more then any other amount in the County. This created more then 60,000 jobs. Reported that the City Works at the ends of B Street is part of their long range plans for 8 new parks.

Community member Tersha provided update on 32nd street canyon task force. Also requested that committee take no formal action at the proposed project at 2864 C Street because there are wetlands located there.

Community member gave a presentation on the property that was recently purchased of three buildings at Ivy and 30th street. They have plans to restore them and put in new electrical and bring buildings back to original condition to be used for commercial space.
Community member Jerry Gray lead a discussion on graffiti in her area of community. Steve from District 3 offered to provide assistance.

Mac updated group on upcoming South Park Old House Fair set for June 16.

Bulletin passed around with date of Golden Hill Paint Out being set for June 20.

Golden Hill Plan Update-Myles Pomeroy
Provided a handout and lead discussion on proposed cluster with Golden Hill, Uptown and North Park. There has been some pressure to get moving on Uptown and it would be more economical and make sense to include Golden Hill at same time due to studies that need to be done that are impacted by our area. Each community will still have their own plan and planning office sees Golden Hill as an area of stability. The planners need to re-examine land use designations in relation to current community goals, to strengthen and enhance historic districts and canyons, as well as preservation. Need to evaluate if the plan from 1989 still represents the community goals? The PDO is important because it implements the community plan and vision. The city intends to translate the PDO into land development code. Indicated that the current PDO will be in place until the planning committee is satisfied. Cost of update estimated at $2.4 million dollars. Would like to begin next winter 2008-2010. Discussion with committee members of their concerns about becoming part of a cluster and how that would affect our area current requirement for developers to come before our committee prior to starting projects. Myles discussed that each area would have a separate and distinct community plan for each area and the zones used here would not necessarily be used in North Park or Uptown.
Kathryn from GGHCDC spoke and advised committee that she believes it should be supportive because currently not all of Golden Hill is in the PDO and the land development can get zoning in effect.

GGHCDC MAD Update: Kathryn and Mitch Burner reported that the surveys have been acted on by the Council who chose to initiate the ballot process. It is a 45 day period and ballots should be received by home owners with in next few days. They will be printed by city. The second Council meeting is July 30 and the public hearing. Single Family Residences are going to be between $6-7 per month. They received 685 total surveys which is 23-24% of total parcels. 75% voted yes, 25% no and a small percent-3% unsure. Discussion the committee would be made up of public not private members who are elected along with one CDC board member. Total budget of $488,000 annually-15 % is an administration budget and can not have more then 25% in reserve or they have to stop charging. It would come as part of your property tax bill. Cost increases are done by the city oversight committee and if they are to be more then 5% or it would have go to a vote.Action Items: Open Space-Steve provided a list of areas in Golden Hill that are affected. Mac will evaluate to make all in our community are included.

Old House Fair Signups were still needed and Nora passed around a sign up sheet.

Airport Noise: No Report

Land Use: No action taken at last meeting.
2759-67 B townhouses-new architect on project-no application has been presented as of yet.
2424 Broadway-recommendations made for modifications that land use would be able to support.
2864 C Street-action several months ago-still recommendations that they find more parking spaces. Vote still stands to recommend project wit the stipulations previously made and that committee voted on.
3392-94 C Street-small house addition to lot.

Parks and Rec: No Report.

Steve presented his recommendations that he wanted the committee to endorse with options for the Draft General Plan that included increasing the parking management fees and hours in community to increase community revenue. There were some objections from committee members on the issue of charging fees to residents who do not have off street parking options available to them. The proposal was amended to read that it should provide consideration for residents need for adequate and affordable parking. This issue was voted on and passed 9 in favor and 3 opposed.

Historical: No report.

Membership and Elections-No report.

Code Compliance-No report.

Balboa Park: No report.

The meeting was adjourned by Chair Blatt at approximately 8:50 PMRespectfully submitted. Dana Shutt-Mendibles, recording secretary.